Experienced team connecting you to the latest compliance regulatory requirements

Our founder’s firsthand experience in dealing with regulatory authorities provides invaluable guidance and insights throughout the process, ensuring smooth regulatory compliance and fostering a strong working relationship with the relevant regulators.

Comprehensive & tailor-made solutions addressing complex compliance needs in a cost-effective way

With a hands-on approach, we ensure the compliance measures are not only comprehensive but also cost-effective, aligning with your organization’s resources and goals.

Engaging the services of MPL to optimize your internal resources

Our expertise extends to handling complex situations and addressing compliance challenges unique to each industry. A wide range of practical insights and best practices, fill the gaps that may exist within in-house compliance teams and enrich compliance efforts beyond what can be achieved solely in-house.

Fostering the compliance culture as a trusted & compliant entity fortifying your business & reputation in your industry

MPL Corporate Consulting is an expert empowering your organization to stay ahead of compliance challenges and fulfill the continuous supervision requirements imposed by regulators to fortify your reputation and business.

Who We Are

Your experience & trustful partner for AML, Compliance, Consulting, Licensing & Training

MPL Corporate Consulting, a leading consultancy firm with deep industry knowledge specializing in the Money Service Operators (MSO), Dealers in Precious Metals and Stones (DPMS), Trust or Company Service Provider (TCSP) and Licensed Money Lenders.

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