MPL Corporate Consulting is a professional, experienced & trustful consultancy founded by Mr. Vincent Tse who is an experienced specialist in providing corporate and compliance consulting, licensing and AML training. He was the CEO of Hong Kong Money Service Operators Association Limited (MSOA) for 10 years, where he regularly represented the Association to regulatory bodies such as the Customs and Excise Department, acting as a bridge for the industry to pass on information on the latest compliance requirements. He has conducted a number of Anti-Money Laundering courses at Institute of Professional Education And Knowledge (PEAK) and the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC). Well versed in Anti-Money Laundering regulations and guidelines makes him to assist the industry in resolving compliance issues. In addition to the Money Service Operators, Vincent is familiar with other industries such as Dealers in Precious Metals and Stones, Trust or Company Service Provider, Licensed Money Lenders, for which he also provides compliance advice.

With a background as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in past working experience, he possesses a deep understanding of financial systems and regulations. His expertise in client assets reconciliation and safeguarding ensures meticulous attention to detail when handling financial matters. Vincent’s proficiency in license administration, coupled with his dedication to maintaining the utmost integrity, makes him an invaluable asset to any organization or individual seeking financial services in Hong Kong.

His experience in the financial company as Chief Financial Officer & Director enriches his professional practices in finance, accounting, and project management. To execute his competency, he strived the opportunity to obtain the Stored Value Facility (SVF) license issued by The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA).

With over 10 years of experience at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), one of the global big four accounting firms, Vincent has developed a wealth of expertise in analytical, consultative, and advisory services within the context of complex business reorganizations and debt restructuring. His role involved assisting companies in stabilizing operations, identifying areas of underperformance, and formulating strategies for survival and growth. Vincent also played a vital role in supporting related parties in extracting maximum value from distressed companies during liquidation scenarios. His responsibilities encompassed conducting comprehensive reviews of clients’ operating results, preparing detailed monthly financial reports, and providing insightful commentary on financial viability. Additionally, Vincent gained proficiency in corporate and cash monitoring, conducting investigations into fund flows, facilitating asset recovery, adjudicating diverse claims, and liaising with legal professionals on receivership matters. Through his multifaceted experience, Vincent has demonstrated his ability to navigate intricate financial landscapes, analyze financial positions, and offer strategic recommendations to optimize value for stakeholders in challenging circumstances.