In Hong Kong, a trust or company service business refers to the provision of certain services by an individual or entity to other parties. These services encompass one or more of the following:

  1. forming corporations or other legal persons;
  2. acting, or arranging for another person to act—
    1. as a director or a secretary of a corporation;
    2. as a partner of a partnership; or
    3. in a similar position in relation to other legal persons;
  3. providing a registered office, business address, correspondence or administrative address for a corporation, a partnership or any other legal person or legal arrangement;
  4. acting, or arranging for another person to act—
    1. as a trustee of an express trust* or a similar legal arrangement; or
    2. as a nominee shareholder for a person other than a corporation whose securities are listed on a recognized stock market.

* These services fall within the scope of a trust or company service provider, and individuals or entities engaging in such activities in Hong Kong are required to comply with the applicable regulations and licensing requirements. This framework ensures the integrity and proper functioning of trust and company services, safeguarding the interests of clients and maintaining the standards of the industry in Hong Kong referring to the Anti‐Money Laundering and Counter‐ Terrorist Financing Ordinance, Cap. 615 (“the AMLO”).