Beware of counterfeit ‘crossover’ banknotes


Hongkongers once again have to be extra wary of counterfeit cash as a new version of a fake HK$500 banknote is now circulating in the market.

A taxi driver recently shared online that he had received a “crossover” HK$500 banknote issued by both the Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited and Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited.

From the video, the fake banknote’s front looks identical to the HK$500 note issued by the Bank of China, yet its back was printed with the HK$500 print as seen in the banknote issued by the Standard Chartered Bank.

Netizens poured into the comment section after the video went viral, with some saying the banknote could be a new design between the two banks, which could be worth more than HK$500.

Some also noted that the banknote could easily be mistaken as genuine ones if people are in a rush.

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority had previously offered four tips on identifying counterfeit banknotes, click here for more.